What size of dents are you able to repair?

Since we are able to provide both PDR (paintless dent repair) and traditional auto body repairs, we can repair all sizes of dents. In the event you choose not to repair a larger dent using traditional auto body repairs, we can work the dent so it is not as noticeable.

How much does it cost to have a door ding repaired?

If you have only one, an average price range would be between $65.00 -$125.00 depending on the size and location of the dent, if you have two or more dents the price per dent decreases significantly. The more dents you remove the better overall price you will receive.

How long will it take to repair my vehicle?

Most door dings and small dents can be repaired in 15min to an hour and most bumper repairs take about 3-6 hours. With larger body and paint repairs, time depends upon how many labor hours are required, part availability (if applicable). We can determine for the most part how long we will need your vehicle for repairs and discuss this at the time of scheduling.

Do the dents ever come back?

No, once the dents have been repaired, they remain permanently repaired, unless new damage occurs in the same area.

Do you handle insurance claims?

Yes, once you initiate the claim by contacting your insurance carrier, we handle the rest. If you are not sure you will be turning in a claim for the damages, or if you will be paying out of pocket, please give us a call. We will be more than happy to give you an estimate to help you with your decision.

My insurance company said I had to take my vehicle somewhere else other than where I wanted to. Is this true?

No, by state and federal law you have the RIGHT to have your vehicle repaired at any shop you desire, also there is no law that requires you to get more than one estimate, thus saving you time and headache.

Do I need to bring my vehicle in to you?

Yes, we here at The DENT-ist believe that quality work is achieved in a controlled well-lit environment.

I had a minor traffic accident, can you repair it?

Yes, we have extensive experience in collision repair and would be happy to repair your damaged vehicle.

Can you repair hail damage?

Yes, hail damage is our specialty. In the event the damage is too severe for paintless dent repair, we can repair your vehicle using the traditional method.

Do you provide alternative transportation?

Yes, in some cases. This depends on the amount of repairs and the amount of days needed for repairs plus it also depends whether or not the client has rental car coverage through their insurance carrier.